Can 2020 Be Redeemed?


The complete and utter dumpster fire of a year that has been 2020 is becoming a trope, but I know it can still be a good year.

The Redeemer

One of my favorite names for God is Our Redeemer. It represents the power that God has to turn broken things into something new, something beautiful. One of the most compelling parts about this idea is that since humans are made in the image of God we are all little redeemers. Chip and Joanna Gaines (among many, many others) take dilapidated houses and turn them into dream homes. We see folks take run down cars and turn them into something functional. Gardeners take ground and turn it into beauty or food. If you look, you can see the story of redemption play out over and over and over again. Humans enjoy being little redeemers.

Can we redeem 2020? I believe we can. In fact, I believe we are meant to. We just need to figure out what that looks like and how we can do it.

An Image

I came across this image the other day on linked in and it really struck me.

a dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into  steps becomes a plan. A plan ba… | Hand quotes, Encouragement quotes,  Quotes about new year

I like this image because it is so simple, but there is something profound in it. It provides a playbook for anybody’s goals. Its a tool that turns a dream into a reality.

What’s The Big Idea?

I want everyone to set out to redeem 2020. A year when I lost family members and my job while you probably suffered losses of your own. We do not have much time, but a couple of weeks will give us plenty of opportunities to turn 2020 from a pile of junk to something beautiful.

A Dream

What would make this a good year for you? Would it be a good year if you made someone’s Christmas with an awesome gift? What about if you made up with that person you have been ignoring for months… maybe years? How about if you finally sold something you made with your own hands? Maybe 2020 could be the year you finally let your feelings known to someone close to you.

The Date

12/31/2020 – We are, afterall, trying to redeem this year.

A Dream + A Date = A Goal

Congratulations on setting a goal. Your goal is to ________________________ by 12/31/2020. If we want to succeed in achieving the goal then we need a plan. Below is rough outline of the steps we’ll need to take to realize our dreams

The Plan

  1. I need the following resources to achieve my goal
  2. Obtain all necessary resources or satisfactory substitutes
  3. List every action that needs to happen in order to achieve the goal
  4. Give each listed action a date


Congratulations! We have made a plan! “A plan backed by action becomes a reality.” A car without fuel is just a very tiny, uncomfortable shelter. A plan without action is just a dream. Give yourself some fuel, get up, and move. All it takes is a little bit of movement each day and we could all redeem 2020.


Let us know how you chose to #redeem2020.

~Daniel F. Gray

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