The First

Featured photo: Ben Jacobi  The first Adam (man) is where our origin began, the birth of the Human Race. Where, God—from my perspective—breathed life into the soul of an infant-man-being. Conscious of his existence and relationship to the one Whom provided his beginning, made from the soil of the Earth, conceived as a seed (cell)Continue reading “The First”

Oracles of God

Featured photo: Ben Jacobi  Prayer is a place to go to empty the soul.  Where darkness is not judged by the light; condemned, to Hell.  But is a place to become invisible with God; completely vulnerable, as a child, broken before their parent, trusting it’s going to be okay when reasoning the pain away.  SometimesContinue reading “Oracles of God”

The First and Last, Legacy

Featured photo: Ben Jacobi  Thankfully, we live to learn what knowledge is all about—leaving a legacy. Do you realize that you are a living legacy? Everything about you is significant and powerful! All of what you’re presently learning, doing and or saying, is a production: I think virtue. Why? Because of our origin—how we wereContinue reading “The First and Last, Legacy”