Glen Heavily Photoshopped!!! The pixels are a lie!

Hey guys, I’m a friend of Nathans. This site is mostly his baby, but I am glad to chip in a few posts from time to time.

I plan on putting my testimony in more detail through separate posts, but for my bio page suffice it to say that I consider myself a work in progress trying to have a relationship with Christ and live my life in a manor that would be pleasing to Him. I like to teach and encourage others as I learn.

I love technology, art, music, and people. I graduated from Udacity with a Full Stack Software Developer Degree and have 56 credit hours at DCCD with a Computer Science – Software Developer degree. I’m working in security while I finish school. I play guitar, bass, violin, and piano. I love to draw and make digital art, video, 3d models, etc. I’m also really into smart home gadgets.

If you’re still reading, nice to meet ya. Now go check out Nathan’s posts!

2 Corinthians 3

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