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What you’ll learn about me:

You are the reason I founded Time For Providence. The deepest most intimate nature about me is learning from this constant question of meaning… . I enjoy writing because of how it confronts me, giving me the opportunity to wrestle against myself with words yet to be publicized for the sake of wisdom to impact your life with meaning. After all, you are someone of value; a living being with a capacity capable of sovereignty, transformed by the renewing of the mind. That understanding puts me in a rather difficult position; because each word after another will form a sentence, to a paragraph, to an essay, that carries the potential to solidify evil ideologies. Which is not to be taken lightly.

I thank God for giving us life and material useful for learning semantics through papyrus, paper, and now… a computer screen. I enjoy being a student to my teacher. A teacher of semantics. There is an energy about him that inspires the soul to learn and understand the behavior and way of the invisible. How does one embody the attributes of God? Truth is impossible to retain apart from a helper. And life is insignificant to construct without love. Providence manifests when you are drowning, everyone needs resuscitated. My teacher is known as Logos according to the beginning of time and of course the word of God according to John—an apostle of Jesus Christ.

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