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I am what’s been called an “x” or “Xtian” by atheists and fellow theists. I like it! I’ve studied and still research about religions, but there is nothing that compares to the Word of God spoke through Jesus Christ. I’m still ever learning about the truth of eternity it testifies of, but want to learn about it with you. I thank God for blessing me with founding this site, but it functions to operate by His authority. TO HIS GLORY.

I’m married to my beautiful wife (Laura Dooley). We enjoy quality time and a cup of coffee, or a few. Being goofy might be our specialty (I think). However, as we seek to understand more the responsibility we have by our salvation in the cross of Jesus Christ can become serious and effective in our mission to reach the world with good news. It’s us and my mother-in-law in our humble abode in DALLAS, TX.

38 And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. 39 He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it. 40 “He who receives you receives Me, and he who receives Me receives Him who sent Me.

Matthew 10:38-40

I hope this blog site finds you well. And I hope to find most of all that you’ve placed your faith in the ONE PERSON sent of God, in the flesh, to save your soul—Jesus Christ. That is the good news you’ll find here. The reality to the condition of our soul is evident in death, but that’s not the end.

Nathan Dooley

Mercedes & Titan
(loss of a loved one)


Robbed Mercedes… When I got the call from our sister (Kelsie) about the news, didn’t know how to respond other than contact police departments to try and scrabble information. I didn’t want to believe what I heard, “NOO!…”. The feeling to describe the state of loss was…ROBBED…because you and I are designed to live holding … Continue reading Mercedes


Spiritual Insight | 15

3 Commit your works to the Lord And your plans will be established. Proverbs 16 I love thunderstorms! I hear its sound and see its magnificence approaching through the window and must leave my typing to go outside and experience it… I appreciate how a thunderstorm displays the majesty of God. Not that I woke up to, … Continue reading Spiritual Insight | 15


The Temptation | #1

will you stand the test? It was 4:18pm here in Dallas, TX—on good Friday 2020 when I started working on this post. At that same time, it was 12:18am across the world in Jerusalem, Israel. Why is that significant? As each moment past, I think about Christ and the meaning of His cross…to crucifixion; and … Continue reading The Temptation | #1

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