Spiritual Insight | #10

I can see you.

You have something to say, but you remain quiet.

The “intellects” talk with assertive language that communicates’ no need for questions for appearance to have all the answers.

But I see you… I can feel your heart… I know you’re there. There is potential, a gift inside so ready to burst; the mouth opens, but no words proceed.

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Emotional Logic Theory

As the heart of my spirit searches for the unsaved have suddenly made my tent in this theory. If you’re familiar with my work since the beginning will know the flux of change as though moving from place to place; salvational engineering to providential ministries, writing to videography—constant development, forgive me, it’s exhausting… I understand.

Let this post be a starting place of rest. I’m setting up camp to build on this theory because I’m convinced by it’s potential; it’s like finding the right place to mine because of a feeling based on a hunch, “There will be diamonds!”, perseverance is my tool of choice.

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Spiritual Promise | #1 | COVID-19

I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name’s sake. (1 John 2:12)

Do you think it a coincidence that toilet paper has a better understanding of this promise than the world in a panic over the coronavirus? I pray the hearts of those turning to God in this pandemic will truly consider the faith that accompanies such a promise, because toilet paper won’t save you. Don’t get me wrong, there is wisdom in the 5 “P’s”:

  • Prior. Planning. Prevents. Poor. Performance (Paper).
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The Psychology Of A Spiritual Relationship | Spiritual Insight | #9

Oh Lord, bless me with words you would find pleasing to read and that will reveal Yourself in them. It’s amazing to think about writing in a way that doesn’t just say something about me as your writer, but rather, the ‘Spirit’ giving utterance to inspire me to write with words that communicate information about what only the Spirit can know.  Do we understand the personal nature of the relationship between the Spirit, Writer, and Reader? Let’s find out, yes?

As your writer, I think of a question and way for me to relate to you (my reader). This can actually compromise the relationship because it depends upon the heart trying to figure out a way of gaining insight about information without the relationship of the Spirit, therefore not providing truth that builds trust, but an agenda which outcome is to be manipulative for personal gain.

Let us bear in mind that the Spirit is not of flesh and blood, so that changes the dynamic between us three. And if we understand the meaning of a relationship then we’ll know that there is a force of nature at work for a relationship to be possible. So… This is about to get interesting because there is an authority that governs between two different wills, of which gives us the freedom to choose who we are in a relationship with and why.

There is a ‘Spirit of Truth’ and a ‘spirit of lies’, now why did I capitalize the ‘S’ and ‘T’ and not the ‘s’ and ‘l’? This is a way of me (Nathan) as your writer, claiming to have a relationship with truth while identifying, in fact, that there are two different Spirit’s. Why? Because this is how we learn who we are in a relationship with although not seeing the “Who”. As a couple quick examples:

I’m not always with my wife (Laura), but when I’m away (not physically seeing her) can still hear her presence with me; such as driving, as I go above the speed limit her telling me to, “slow down”.

You are reading this with all that defines you. but not writing it, because there is a spiritual structure in place for us to have purpose and discern the who, what, when, where, why, and how the relationship is possible between us even though we don’t see each other.

It’s 3:32am, March 11, 2020! It’s crazy to think about so many years before leading up to these moments, expecting 3:45, then tomorrow, and then the rest of our lives… until the reality of death comes without even knocking. That is what keeps me up at night; the thought of my next moment to live when it’s someone else’s next moment to die, inspiring me to wonder about the reason why. This state of thought has me changing colors because the reason is life changing, and that reason is… Love!

It’s 3:45, the truth is in our relationship with Jesus Christ, the testimony about Jesus demonstrating the love of God for all people through His crucifixion on the cross is how we understand the relationship between Spirit, Writer, and Reader. I am called to tell you about the relationship because the spirit of lies is eventually going to be taken out of the way for the truth of salvation revealed in Jesus Christ at His coming. So here comes the conflict between us sense we’ve developed a relationship since the beginning of this post.

Are you in a relationship with the Son of God, Jesus Christ, through the Spirit of Truth? Or. Are you in a relationship with the Father of Lies, The Satan, through the spirit of lies?

What information would I learn about your heart that testifies to the relationship you have in truth, or, in lying?

God Speed.

Disclaimer: I (Nathan) am not a psychiatrist or psychologist.

Spiritual Insight | #8

Do any of you learn by experience, also known as experiential learning (EXL) according to my quick google search? When asked how I learn, I’ve always just said, “I learn hands-on”. Click “hands-on learner” to see more about experiential education.


Experiential learning at Cascades Academy is implemented at all levels of our curriculum and revolves around the central idea of learning by doing. The central tenets of this methodology include engaging students in a cycle of (1) activity/experience, (2) reflection, (3) conceptualization, and (4) application of desired learning outcomes. While the classroom affords many opportunities for students to engage in experiential education, the school also employs this learning methodology outside the traditional classroom.

So apparently ‘hands-on learning‘ is a form of ‘experiential learning‘, but there is so much more information to delve deeper through the links provided above. Check’em out!

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Introduction: This is my first post on T4P, Nathan has granted me access to contribute from time to time. My name is Glen. I hope this post helps someone.

I recently had an event that could have had me very upset. I’ll go into specifics in a minute. This article is not about being upset though. It’s about using emotional triggers to look inward, pray, see what scripture has to say about the matter and come to peace and growth.

A brief background. I am currently going through a chapter 7 bankruptcy. That is not what this article is focused on, but it is important. I want to go into that more in another article later. My mom paid $2000 for my bankruptcy lawyer with the expectation that I will pay her back as I can. Pamela offered to pay that in full when her income tax refund comes in. She planned to replace the beds for the kids and us as well. They are all very worn with several holes chewed out by dogs and sagging spots. She also planned to do vehicle maintenance. Her car needs new tires and the check engine light and slip light are on. Past that, she agreed to give me $2000 to go toward converting half of our two car garage into a man cave / study. It is very difficult for me to focus on anything with no space for myself in a house of five with three teenagers. I go to Dennys’ to do homework almost every day when I take classes. So all of these things had me very excited. I was making 3D Models of the garage conversion and had a running spreadsheets for materials with prices and links to where I found the best deals. 

Cut to the event. Pamela got a letter from the IRS that all of her refund except $1000 was applied to her outstanding student loan and we’re not getting the money we had expected. She graduated from a culinary school about 7 years ago. The original student loan was $7000, but with interest and fees about $9000. She was on a payment plan, but the small payments were barely chipping away at all and we didn’t know what to do about it. I kind of figured it would always just be there. 

When I first read the letter my initial reaction was to reassure Pamela that we will be ok and that I am not upset with her and will find another way to take care of the things that we need most, such as vehicle maintenance, kids clothes, beds, and that I will pay my mom back. The rest of the day it really sat in that I will not be able to make my little area of refuge in the garage. 

This is something I really want. I can act extroverted in social situations, but deep down I identify more as an introvert and I feel a need to recharge by myself. I have not been able to do that since I started dating Pamela. I don’t play any musical instruments anymore. I don’t draw. I have to go out to program or study. I very rarely even watch TV or play games on the PlayStation or PC aside from when I pick up Big Mike and take the laptop to Dennys. Trying to get everyone to leave me alone so I can think straight for an hour or two is not worth the fight it takes to achieve such a miracle. The boys will find ten reasons to come out of their bedroom and ask me questions. They blare their TV and Phones, usually both at once in competition with each other for volume. If I take away their phones, then they fight with each other loudly out of boredom if nothing else. By the time I get any quit I’m ready for bed. There’s also the issue of feeling stupid for going through such trouble if it’s not for something important like school. I feel ridiculous just trying to have a peaceful minut to watch TV or especially to play a game. I work 50, 62, or 74 hours per week, and intermittently take classes on top of that and try to keep the house in decent maintenance. Sometimes I just want to stop and play a game, but I don’t. 

If I had a little space in the garage walled off and cooled with a mini split ductless A/C unit and a desk and TV I could stay home to study or relax any time I needed or wanted and feel more recharged to have quality time with the family in between. 

Anyway, enough of that. I wanted to emphasise how strongly I felt about it and what it meant to me. That done, I can move on to where I am now. 

The following thought process has helped me find peace and grow closer in relationship with God and build better character through a healthier outlook on life many times. Here’s how it works.

God wants us to have Peace in all things. Not just the good. Even in the midst of stressful situations or problems out of our control.

Philippians 4:6-7

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

I use any emotion that triggers a feeling other than peace as a sign to stop and pray about why I don’t have peace and ask for help to find it and give thanks. 

In many cases my thoughts were not aligned with scripture. Theophostic Prayer Ministries has a great method to help people pinpoint conflicting beliefs and find harmful thoughts that do not align with scripture. 

In this case my thoughts about finances were not aligned with God’s will. 

Romans 13:7

Give to everyone what you owe them: If you owe taxes, pay taxes; if revenue, then revenue; if respect, then respect; if honor, then honor.

I was content to slowly chip away at a debt with no real hope of it going away while spending money that could have repaid that debt on other things. 

This article sums this up very well: https://get.tithe.ly/blog/bible-verses-about-debt

With this new view I was able to see that having the tax refund go directly to the student loan and paying it in full now has freed us, not burdened us. God helped us to not only do the right thing, but the thing that would benefit our future most and a thing that we would not have done on our own without this new scriptural alignment.

I am thankful that this has happened the way it did. I have a bit more content with my current situation as well. I believe my garage conversion can still be in my future, but in God’s timing without debt, and with peace that when it does happen, it will be a blessing and not a curse in the form of debt.

My hope in writing this is that the reader will take the following lessons to heart. God loves us and wants what is best for us. When we don’t have Peace, God is trying to tell us something is not in alignment with His will for us. When this happens, the best thing we can do is stop and pray. Search Scripture, and be open and looking for change in yourself, not in anything external. The situation is just a trigger, the real problem is always within our own thought process. 

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.

I highly recommend looking into Theophostic Prayer methods of self reflection and prayer for healing linked here: https://www.equip.org/article/theophostic-prayer-ministry-part-one/

Spiritual Insight | #7

I’m excited to write! It feels good when you’re focused on the task at hand, but feels especially good when that task is complete and you can say, “It is good…”. That line of thought immediately took me to… ‘The Beginning‘! Or the book of Genesis in the Bible. It’s just, the sentence flow seemed more…dramatic, with; ‘The Beginning‘!

Side Note: when I wrote,“That line of thought immediately took me…”, connected me to Philip in Acts 8:39 as he was took by the Spirit of the Lord. It’s interesting how the Holy Spirit works with our spirit, to take us where we need to be in honor and glory of Jesus Christ.

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Spiritual Insight | #6

I can hear spring blowing in by the power of the wind. I wonder if I stepped outside the wind would launch me out of my present state of confusion…into clarity. It’s weird when you have this overwhelming ambition to work in the Spirit of God as called to preach the gospel and make disciples, having been given this vision to see the condition of the world for the purpose of the cure, but feel it pointless. “Am I missing something?” I wonder. Lets put it to the test.

I’ve given brief background to my conversion story in previous posts so I won’t burden you. The question that pricks is, “why me?”. Why have I heard the gospel and believe it so true that I’m willing to do whatever necessary to preach it for the salvation of the world? Is it that the potential of this message contains the power to save the world and convert every soul from death to life?

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