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Wednesday, 12/9/2020

It was back in July of this year when I wrote in my gray journal about the influence Jordan Peterson has on my life. So much so that I’ve soaked up a lot of his YouTube material and purchased both his books (also looking forward to the new one coming out March of 2021). I thought I could finish his book 12 Rules For Life rather quickly, but I was wrong. I’ve quite literally arrived on page 243 just before the section on “A Listening Person”, and what’s ironic is the last phrase, “So speaks wisdom.” I’m on a course through the biblical book of Proverbs, and as the grace of God gives another day—it is that exact phrase for me.

It’s 05:08 in the morning, Laura (my wife) is still asleep. Our room is dark, I’ve lit the candle, my mug—”Jesus & Coffee”—is at the ready. The mug is actually empty right now, but nevertheless, it’s at the ready! I have our office area snugged away in the corner of our room, the desk is set with an option to sit or stand, but without the help of a commercial grade mechanism to rise or fall. The table legs are standing on (16″) concrete blocks (cinder blocks) from home depot that brings the desk at perfect height for us to stand and work. And right now I mean to organize what this journey is all about.

Not but a few days ago I started implementing the Wim Hof Method; I do the breathing exercises, cold showers, and more breathing exercises. Jordan and Mikhaila Peterson might find it weird that I joined them on their duo breathing session with Wim Hof on Mikhaila’s podcast, and that podcast is what sparked this very new practice for me (that I’ve also had my wife and mother-in-law do as well [the breathing exercises]). These methods are a game changer, it’s awesome, highly recommend it! I’ve experienced different affects when sitting compared to laying down as I do these breathing exercises; when the body is at rest (laying down) the affects are far more pleasant and effective (IMO) than that of sitting (or standing for that matter), but I’ll describe in more detail as we carry on.

Before learning about the WHM, I’d nearly completed (lack the final assessment) the 8-module personality course provided through Jordan Peterson. I think my results from the personality test based on the “Big Five” model are scientifically accurate, and it bothers me in a good way; also a huge reason why this public journal exists. I plan to reveal those as we move along on this journey as well, but I think over all, I’ve set myself up in a way where I can really focus in on the goal of my journey. *I think. Let’s recap:

  • Jesus Christ is my belief structure.
    1. What does that mean? (salvation).
      1. Human soul and God.
        1. Saved by grace through faith.
        2. How does faith work?
  • I love my wife—priority.
    1. She is the core/center of my responsibilities.
      1. I need structure.
        1. Public Journal/accountability
  • Job with hours to aid me on this trajectory.
    1. Not ideal, but blessed.
      1. I work nights and days.
      2. Best option at the moment.
        1. Aim for only nights if available.
        2. Or learn how to write, like, very good!
  • Psychology Professor—Jordan Peterson.
    1. Mentor/Maps of Meaning/(biblical skeptic?)
      1. I think Jordan’s strategy to understand ‘meaning’ is awesome!
  • My personality— understand and improve.
    1. 1 Peter 3:15 (but sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts, always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence;)
      1. There is a hope in the personality of a believer.
        1. My personality is wild; I want to understand it.
  • Skill/s to master:
    1. Writing.
  • Goal/s…
    • Is there more than one?
      • Where is the sacred ground?
        • What is this going to do?
          • How will this be effective?
            • What is the sacrifice?
              • Will the practice, preach?
                • What does it mean?
                  • When is it time to plant?
  • The seed is to sanctify Christ as Lord in my heart.

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