Spiritual Insight|#5

I know what you’re thinking, “…skipped 4”. But I didn’t, that one actually turned out to be a very personal one that I may publish eventually…we’ll see. So I’m doing a study on the Holy Spirit of God, and I must say, it’s quite literally an enlightenment every step of the way. I was listening to my wife the other day in our little Toyota Corolla on the way to church criticizing the way I explain things sometimes; she was very encouraging, the fact is, I take leaps in logic when trying to transition two different forms of thought in my mind that are conflicted with feelings. It’s like my brain ‘short circuits’ thinking of the necessary transition for a proper explanation to the feeling and insight at hand, but skips the entire transition all together leaving the person scratching their head like…. “what just happened” (haha). All together, It’s frustrating.

As an example, there is a video I just recently published on YouTube and had to edit (making several cuts) because of my short circuit issue:

But that is how I learn, hands-on, so now it’s a matter of putting that understanding into practice when giving explanations or just, communicating in general.

The wind just started picking up outside, the whistle gets louder and louder and it feels like the house is moving as though hard pressed against the direction of the wind but losing the arm wrestling match.

See how I just took a leap in logic! Joking, that is actually happening right now and how it correlates is what I’m learning in Hebrew to the meaning of “Spirit of God” which is “wind” or “breath”, but it’s interesting to note that the origin of the Holy Spirit functions as a Person from the Person of God making the Holy Spirit a relational Being to all Mankind. But are you willing to believe? Anyway… Planning on doing a video on that hear soon.

Alright, I need to get ready for a Starbucks meeting.

God Speed.

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