Spiritual Insight | #6

I can hear spring blowing in by the power of the wind. I wonder if I stepped outside the wind would launch me out of my present state of confusion…into clarity. It’s weird when you have this overwhelming ambition to work in the Spirit of God as called to preach the gospel and make disciples, having been given this vision to see the condition of the world for the purpose of the cure, but feel it pointless. “Am I missing something?” I wonder. Lets put it to the test.

I’ve given brief background to my conversion story in previous posts so I won’t burden you. The question that pricks is, “why me?”. Why have I heard the gospel and believe it so true that I’m willing to do whatever necessary to preach it for the salvation of the world? Is it that the potential of this message contains the power to save the world and convert every soul from death to life?

I pray there is no misinterpretation to my questions because it’s not my salvation that is at stake… The knowledge to our human condition is so obvious that only a fool would say in their heart, “there is no God”. And look see… As I meditate on the next line to write, the spiritual insight comes…

The gospel contains the words of every native language to convict with truth the person’s condition; personal sin, an unspeakable gratification of desire that condemns the soul to death because it tells the truth about the heart of a person.

I believe a person that understands this truth when comparing it to the human condition sees only the symptoms to a much deeper issue of sin that only God sees. We see symptoms:

  • love of money
  • status (pride)
  • complexes
  • pornography (lust)
  • sexual foreplay (whether fantasized or with someone else’s spouse)
  • drugs (abuse)

These ‘were’ but a few of my own personal symptoms to a much deeper issue of sin that only God can make sense of, and is why I preach Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. Do you have a relationship with Him? Are you in the Word of God, meditating after God every day? Because that is where you’ll find the gospel about Jesus Christ and the revelation of salvation.

God Speed.

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