Spiritual Insight |#3

It’s amazing how writing is changing my life. There are other things available for me to be doing, like, figure out loop holes to covenant eyes and watch some porn, or worse, fantasize about porn unbeknownst to my wife and get myself off. So why not do that? I mean, why care about the obvious side effect like, divorce. It’s a normality now in our modern day culture and age of technology, what could possibly go wrong?

I think about people close to me, people that are as close as family should be, but aren’t due to that very side effect… I’m not complaining, only accepting the outcome of my reality in this world of…”ME”. I feel the Spirit of God grieve, my soul aches, but what does it matter? What influence could I possibly have on a world chosen for itself; not only men and women willing, but abducted people, and even, [even] innocent children trafficked into the sex industry. It’s a shame to confess that I’d once willingly contributed a watchful eye roaming through the abyss, or dare I say blissful pleasures of darkness online.

I didn’t expect this type of post to be written, after all, where is the insight other than the most depressive thing anyone could read? The insight was at the beginning of this post—

“There are other things available for me…”

I choose to expose what is looming around in the dark over the alternative. The alternative would seem to be doing what no one would know I was doing, or, on the contrary, would expect me to be doing because it’s the “normal”. It’s not at all funny, but one might think, “oh bravo”, as though to give me a sarcastic applause, “you must be better than everyone else”, no… No. Fact is, conversion is real by this testimony of information displayed for all to read. And if conversion is real and they’re not converted, then welcome to the crossroads because they have a choice from here.

Light is available in the dark, but will you choose the ecstasy of light over the pleasure of dark? Is the question. As for me, I choose the ecstasy of light exposing what was once dark about my name… Adulterer! Murderer! Covet-er! Liar! Sinner! …!

God Speed

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