Believers Lifeline

A brother in the flesh said to me, “I wish people would stop trying to save people, like you. It’s too late for that.”. That brother is amped to fight. It reminded me of what the Jews initial thought was of their Messiah — but the ‘fight’ expected was misperceived.

There is a fight, but it’s not against flesh and blood. Remember, Jesus was in every right to call on a legion of angels to fight, but He surrendered that right in obedience to His Father. The fight is against the character of evil experienced in the flesh of our bodies. Listen. I could continue to input gospel record in defense of what is written (here) — but it defeats the purpose if the reader is unwilling to believe for him or herself what the gospel is teaching. So, my question to many of my brothers and sisters in the flesh, like the one who thinks, “it’s too late”. Are you looking within your soul to meet the Spirit of your Father through Jesus the Messiah? Or. Are you looking elsewhere to meet Him.

A believer/s lifeline, is that God sacrificed His Only Son to have a relationship with them; resurrecting them to Himself, because our Father is not of this world. An unbeliever has a God that is knocking on the door of their heart because of the news an adopted child would receive — “I’m chosen?! This is my Dad?! my Mom!”. No different than a parent or parents that purchased custody of an adopted child or children, so too did God purchase custody of you, but with the blood of His Only Natural Born, Immanuel (Jesus), the boy of God’s Spirit Whom we sinners crucified. So, congratulations! It’s a Brother! Are you, so dull of hearing? So ready to fight that you’re incapable of experiencing that excitement? Which should nearly bring you to tears if not wailing while simultaneously jumping, even leaping with joy. We have become reconciled as children of God. And yet, He is still pursuing those who have not heard because of our inherited sin cursed natural parents of the flesh (Adam and Eve). That may sound harsh, but it’s a point, to the reason, we should obey this-time around. Don’t listen to the serpent — listen to the Son of Man / Spirit of God! So, do you still want to fight after hearing that good “news”? If so. Consider this. The skin that you live in now, is designed to adapt from the condition of it’s sin to learn the mysteries of God and make sense of believing. So, for any other reason than to investigate, learn and adapt to make sense of believing. You’re making yourself out to be a coward who is stuck in their lust (multiplied by two) or too proud, and stuck in their pride. And could one-day result in committing the only sin worthy of damnation.

“Therefore I say to you, any sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven people, but blasphemy against the Spirit shall not be forgiven. Whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man, it shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it shall not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come. Matthew 12:31-32

The correct response of your desire to fight; is don’t fight for deliverance but deliver the fight to God; in honor of His glory and Who He is to you — not for yourself. It is “yo” Daddy who teaches you all things! And it may just so happen that He will bless you, when ready, to take on the Goliath of today; just as He did David in his day! LET’S DO THIS YOU “Salvational Engineers”! LETS GO!

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