I’m praying for you. I’m not sure who you are, reading this, or what you might be going through in your life at this time. But I’m confident that God knows, and I can only hope that you believe in His Son, the Lord, Jesus. Today’s daily devotional is a little different as you can see.

I want you to think about what we’ve been over in Proverbs so far, talk to God about your experiences when you meditate on the Word of God. Journal what you learn and feel, ask questions; go an extra mile with God in your search for wisdom, truth, and understanding, for necessary change.

We all need to be praying constantly, and taking time to rest. That’s what I hope you’ll do tonight. Pray and Rest. Then get excited about chapter 3 of Proverbs! I love you in Jesus Christ. Amen.

Challenge: What Scripture comes to mind when you think of Prayer? Write it down, then go search for it; once you find it – PRAY.

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