Weigh The Meaning Of Value In The Balance


If I’m understanding correctly, I think it’s because the value of the coin matters as much as the fact it’s a useful tool for symbolism, but nothing more. There is no relationship between true value and currency apart from era; epochs and seasons signifying “change”. But the shekel that paid Jesus and Peter’s’ “sanctuary contribution” means nothing more than to appease the temple keepers for preventing unnecessary conflict. It didn’t bear any weight of true contribution considering the value is not in the coin nor the temple, but the choice to serve within this relationship between God and man. So we can see that Jesus is educating Peter about the meaning of value through the reason of his trade, a fisherman. That way when the time came for the Holy Spirit to indwell this man (Peter), he will recall this transaction and understand it’s meaning.

The value system bent on trade is of Satan because the purpose of trade is to signify a void or fence between two people of different tribes or kingdoms. Let’s say Mexico and America for example; my beautiful mexican wife received her American citizenship not long ago and can now exercise her freedoms provided within this country, whereas before she could not; the relationship between Laura and America did not agree on the terms required for citizenship until those terms were met by Laura or else deportation was a potential consequence (the alternative was war on her husband and I didn’t want to “offend” America at that time). The point is that anyone who chooses to believe in Jesus Christ has become a citizen of the Kingdom of God. Sin had once divided the relationship between mankind and God, but the reason Jesus entered into our world was to remove that barrier for all to access the right of pass into the Kingdom of God and become a citizen.

But if you think that there isn’t a sacrifice to become a citizen of another country, I suggest you try it first before you judge “illegal” immigrants. I mean come on, what land belongs to who exactly? No, America is not United and it doesn’t belong to Donald Trump. No, Mexico does not belong to Laura… unless she has a chancla, only then does the land of Mexico become under siege, well… that and …when she’s making tacos. But actually everything belongs to Jesus Christ because only He subjects everything to our Father in Heaven. And no, I don’t care if I hurt your feelings. The exciting revelation to the meaning of value is understanding the virtue of Jesus Christ dying on the cross as the Lamb of God that took away the sins of the world… which means… THE WORLD! The value is that your sins are forgiven and you can believe with confidence that you’re saved by the grace of God. But now is the time to live that truth out in your life, which is going to take sacrifice that will not be simple nor easy because value would be meaningless if it meant you could just have it without effort to understand it. What would be the point then? You’re right, there wouldn’t be.

So if you’re wondering what you’re worth… you’re worth eternal life as a citizen in the Kingdom of God through the truth of Jesus Christ and that sacrifice He made on that cross. You are SOOOOO valuable! Don’t underestimate what you’re capable of, but also, trust God with the confession of your weaknesses because in them, Jesus is strong!

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