The Thing About Stepping Stones

In light of my previous post this title seems most appropriate considering what troubles me. The sun is setting, darkness is fast approaching; light is dim, yet glistening off the stream of water. I think I see closure on the other side! But the surface is wet and bedded with algae. And the thing about stepping stones… is that they cause pause to ponder about ideas.


The stream has a peaceful sound, it’s gentle, feels safe… The algae? Yah, it’s true…I could fall; It’s a pretty green, slick to the touch. How about the stones? What is their condition? You’re right, “type of sandstone”…they’re brittle; but they seem reliable, sturdy enough and positioned in a way for every step of crossing

I try to bring it up in small doses or when problems arise for them to know that every stone is a stepping one.

~Mercedes “Sadie” Fulton

I won’t lie, I’ve doubted my calling to ministry for lack of academic credentials and experience. But the doubt that’s gnawing me presently is the philosophy of ‘doubt’ itself… it’s a problem you see …because as soon as doubt becomes effective it compromises confidence that would’ve otherwise prevented hesitation and thereby consequence.

The ideas of, “what if I said this or that—could it-have changed this or that… …am I somehow guilty…” weighs on the conscience.

While people in their good nature and mean no ill intent, might attempt to appease or fix these concerning thought patterns with words coated in flattery; they will not bring closure, and it does not bring healing to the parts of the conscience that need not healed because the wounds are already scars.

The closure that I see across the stream is not fixed on what I cannot control, nor any longer on the doubt that I CAN control. But my closure is fixed on what Jesus Christ is doing in my soul. I’m learning a valuable understanding about life of which each take part in their own way, but the understanding is this:

Every person purposed in their position of occupation to accomplish life is blessed with an internal choice that bleeds an external consequence, our days are numbered and sins are found out, but the legal divine right over every soul belongs to the one who wrote his or her DNA.

Every problem that is a stone is a stepping one. I will choose to have faith in Jesus Christ as I trust in the timing of God’s reasons to life and death that are beyond my compass of closure. I’m thankful to have a will to choose. And I’m thankful to have hope of which defines the character or my soul.

But what about you, reader?

How will you cross the stream of your life as the weight of your conscience is heavy burdened with sin? Do you see the problems of your life as stones for stepping or as algae for identity?

in love…

Nathan Dooley



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