Spiritual Insight | #8

Do any of you learn by experience, also known as experiential learning (EXL) according to my quick google search? When asked how I learn, I’ve always just said, “I learn hands-on”. Click “hands-on learner” to see more about experiential education.


Experiential learning at Cascades Academy is implemented at all levels of our curriculum and revolves around the central idea of learning by doing. The central tenets of this methodology include engaging students in a cycle of (1) activity/experience, (2) reflection, (3) conceptualization, and (4) application of desired learning outcomes. While the classroom affords many opportunities for students to engage in experiential education, the school also employs this learning methodology outside the traditional classroom.

So apparently ‘hands-on learning‘ is a form of ‘experiential learning‘, but there is so much more information to delve deeper through the links provided above. Check’em out!

Being that I am an experiential learner, maybe you can relate? It can be a cringing experience, because rather than learning from “the book” we decide to make mistakes until learning whatever knowledge ‘the book‘ has to offer because it’s in the experience that we develop, I think (not bias at all [haha]), a more clear understanding of the meaning to the knowledge that ‘the book‘ presents.

The Lord my God is teaching me a valuable lesson in what His ministry means as I quickly advance my passion to videography for the hope of the gospel preached and experienced in all the world. Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean to say that I’m responsible for what only the gospel is capable of, which is the saving work of the soul of the true believer in Jesus Christ. But what I am saying is that I’m responsible for myself in the process of how the Lord my God is sanctifying me personally and that effect which influences this world you and I live in.

Following the diagram given above:

“What happened?”

That question feels more like, “What hasn’t happened?”. I’ve made a mess of things by what I’ve published so ignorantly at times, not thinking about the outside views’ interpretation of my heart by what I’m ambitiously launching into society through T4P. But back to the original question “What happened?”. I launched a Patreon account without the proper structure, it was confusing and misleading.

“What did I experience?”

I experienced embarrassment! You ever find yourself experiencing what seems to be a case of Tourette syndrome? For me, that experience is analyzing every potential outcome to which feels like disaster, so my body will respond by cringing or me giving a loud grunt. Because ultimately the potential ramifications of unwise decisions can’t be undone; it’s the equivalent of hammering your finger instead of the nail and suffering through the healing process, but this type of pain is different, it’s…spiritual. Hence the title, “Spiritual Insight”.

“Why did that happen?”

It happened because my will conflicted with the will of God. What I mean is that I had made the mistake of not waiting on God, but running on ahead as though “I got this” when if ever running without God… I don’t ever ‘got this’ and will fall twice as fast. Know what I’m sayin? You feel me!

For all you “hands-on learners”, I pray you learn to wait and run with God sooner than later because if not, it will be painful. Thankfully mistakes are made to learn from and not to do again. And by the grace of God, let’s get up and move on.

“What to do next?”

This post is an example of what I did next:

  •  Slow down.
  •  Let people you can trust love you through your mess.
  •  Get counsel before, not after implementing a project, especially if the idea is worth investment.
  •  Don’t let the mistake consume, get up, and move on.
  •  Create your own blog, setup a Patreon accou…[KIDDING!].
  •  Wait on God.

I’m thankful to God by His grace in Jesus Christ that my friend and brother Glen took the time to meet with me at McD’s to help me see where I was blind.

I am so honored, blessed, rich even, that I have the people I do holding me accountable as providential agent’s (a guide that cares to provide help for my future). That is the hope of T4P; to become a beacon of care to provide help for your future.

God Speed.


Not sponsored by Cascades Academy.

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