Spiritual Insight | #1

I mean… Alright, this will somehow be an hysterical rhetoric considering this to be the first of many posts written to myself, but publishing for, well, you to read, and, whatever.

How is it I fathom spirit as a biological being to gain insight about that which is not fathomable…or is it? I can make sense of how I exist by scientific data in relation to my philosophical system, but to make sense of how I can make sense of that is…well…you tell me. If it wasn’t for the help of technology to access real time knowledge and data, well, I’d probably be thinking something like, what the hell is going on right now? At a loss to reason this idea that is seemingly wasting my time because I’m being fed information beyond my capacity to experience, so—what the hell is going on right now?

I can just hear my wife now if she were to read this, “Nathan!”, in her high pitched tone half joking to lighten the blow of how serious she is… Gawww I love er! She can be quite sensitive to words our society uses to curse with, like, ‘burn in hell‘, joking or not, the Bible clearly teaches how we ought to use our tongue. However, my standard doesn’t reach as high, obviously, but if I were to follow after an example on how to control my tongue, it would be the example of my wife (Laura). Anyway, I digress.

I can hear the birds chirping up a song outside, kids walking down the street getting ready for their bus rides to school, vehicles making there way in all their various noises indicating the typical work hour has begun for the enslaved human soul (Yah, that’s not me, pm and weekends guy, freed from slavery -that was a bad joke-). It’s interesting to experience these senses that inspire knowledge giving information about your sphere of influence; some of these vehicles driving by our house are louder than a damn train, growing up, I can remember hearing the train from it’s distance, it was just far enough away to sound peaceful compared to these loud-assuming entitled type people-vehicles that wake the entire neighborhood up to make a statement, “WAKE THE *F* UP IN PEOPLE”, and I’m like, “I’LL MURDER YOU”. See what happens when you’re deprived of using curse words, you resort to *F* for *FAITH* and realize “IN” had a purpose.

Don’t judge me, you sinners, you thought I mean’t something else, didn’t you, don’t lie. Alight, funny aside. I think it’s spiritually enlightening when taking a moment to breathe and acknowledge your senses that give you understanding about your environment that you wouldn’t otherwise have unless you’d taken the moment to breathe with purpose.

God Speed.

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Insight | #1”

        1. It’s all in the interpretation. What’s insightful about Nathan is every breath he chooses to breathe for the purpose of understanding his environment to the fullest, the spiritual insight is the breath given for me to breathe out honesty for the blessing of your critique.


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