Educational Genius

Featured photo: Ben Jacobi 

NASA may educate on our temporarily ever evolving world and universe, but what about outside of time? And Elon Musk may have designed and engineered SpaceX and explore the vast cosmos to discover the future, but what about eternality? When will we become educated on life beyond time, and the cosmos? How will technology advance to communicate with God and recognize the sound of His voice? What is knowledge?

Star Trails Quarz Mountain

Header photo: Ben Jacobi 

“This is where you want to be”- as the movie “The Greatest Showman” would sing in exclamation! Check it out…where we are here and now on Earth is the greatest show of God’s glory at work, but nothing to compare with the glory we’ll experience with Him after our dream reality here. Pray that the heightened high of this life doesn’t consume us in idolatry. There is a responsibility when claiming the belief of having the gift of an eternal life. To become the least bit educated about life’s afterlife we’ll need to kill you (just kidding – don’t drink the Kool-Aid). We’ll need to trust God at His Word. Our enemies approach to devour and destroy life as we know it is to challenge our trust when completely devoted to God.

Enemy: “kshh – commence operation drink the Kool-Aid”; “kshh – that’s uh big 10/4”

Right now, at this very moment and moments after there is someone experiencing the agonizing torment of torture that brings so much pleasure to an evil characteristic demon feeding off that persons pain. This is a Salvational Engineer’s war against what is not flesh and blood. How do we combat against something we do not see? Watch this! Each of us have a chemical response to what we feel, touch, taste, see, and hear that floods our God given mind to reason. An enemy with the know-how to instill the chemical virus of catastrophic events in a person’s life will break them down to control their environment until that pleasure of sin, is satisfied. To give you an example of this would be painfully “R-rated”, but we need help to fight the right enemy! ….It will come in a future blog. The verse every Salvational Engineer should memorize is Genesis 4:7.

If you do well, will not your countenance be lifted up? And if you do not do well, sin is crouching at the door; and its desire is for you, but you must master it.”

The desire of sin in our lives, is at the door of our own “skins”. And each and every soul is gifted with the responsibility to steward their bodies according to the will of God’s awesome design. That design is written in the blood of “LOVE“. So, we shouldn’t make the mistake in thinking that the dust beneath our feet is all there is….just because the color doesn’t quite replicate the color of “Gold” we’ll eventually walk on. Revelation 21:21.

And the twelve gates were twelve pearls; each one of the gates was a single pearl. And the street of the city was pure gold, like transparent glass.

The Holy Spirit in our believing souls will educate us on eternal matters if we’re willing to listen, focus, and respond appropriately to the call of “Jesus”, the ‘Salvational Engineer’! The Spirit of Jesus is living in our transformed souls to educate us about all things. Not just about our salvation from this life. And just as there is a law demanding order here, there is a law demanding order there. How do we think that serpent knew to ask questions that would ultimately cause our condemnation? That serpent had knowledge that we did not yet have! No matter, our God is the wisdom of knowledge and Creator of it….so what do we have to fear when “brow-beating” our opponent. Thanks be to God we have the gift of an eternal life through the Body and Blood of Jesus to get to know the Holy Spirit that enlightens us to the truth about His Genius! Read the gospel of John….that is our assignment as we spare in the ring of the invisible. Always in the love of Christ….

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