Let your gaze be fixed | P4-V25

A Father’s Instruction

Proverbs 4:25

I die daily devotional.

24 Put away from you a deceitful mouth
And put devious speech far from you.
25 Let your eyes look directly ahead
And let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.

26 Watch the path of your feet
And all your ways will be established.

It’s convenient for me to look back in the direction of my past, at the cross, and go in that direction. It’s convenient to become the victim. It’s convenient to believe the lie of the devil by living my life to the fullest—whatever that means—and not concern myself about the words or… literature, of biblical wisdom.

However, wisdom inspires my eyes to see the goal. The focus of my gaze is on the Man who went on ahead of all, the Man who took my sin of death, and defeated it! My eyes are looking directly ahead, my gaze is fixed straight in front of me, and the way of resurrection is before me—secure and complete. So although my eyes are blind to see the Man—known as Jesus of Nazareth—I see Him alive today through faith in His gospel of eternal life at the right Hand!

Do you see the Man?


Proverbs 4 (NASB)—blueletterbible.org | biblegateway.com


Chapter 4

Matthew Henry (P4-V25) Commentary
IV. We must make a covenant with our eyes: “Let them look right on and straight before thee, v. 25. Let the eye be fixed and not wandering; let it not rove after every thing that presents itself, for then it will be diverted [from] good and ensnared in evil. Turn it from beholding vanity; let thy eye be single and not divided; let thy intentions be sincere and uniform, and look not asquint at any by-end.” We must keep our eye upon our Master, and be careful to approve ourselves to him; keep our eye upon our rule, and conform to that; keep our eye upon our mark, the prize of the high calling, and direct all towards that. Oculum in metamThe eye upon the goal.

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