Under Pressure | #5

The answer is (d), but could be twofold, because people usually attempt at caring to show courtesy, but it’s disingenuous. “How are you?” (while moving to determined location) “good, cause I didn’t care”.

In just that simple story we can relate to it’s truth because we’re all guilty.

What’s the impact?

The impact is poor behavior and communicates a selfish attitude, reflecting ones character.

A difference can be made by that change of character which we’re all capable of making.

I’m not saying to get pissed off at a person who doesn’t practice the appropriate form of genuine concern.

I’m saying to have a heart that is prepared for a different answer upon giving the question. You may not expect the difference you can make by having a heart prepared to make the difference when meeting new people. Learn to care by putting yourself aside and listening with all your heart.


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