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How Do You Direct A Stranger Who Wants To Take The Next Step As A Believer?

You can direct a stranger who wants to take the next step as a believer by baptizing, equipping, discipling, connecting, & following up. Let me explain.

But First, A Brief Commentary

Almost unbelievably whenever I did my initial research for this question I found zero articles to help and a quick google search now reveals that this question is still not easily answered by the first two pages of google’s search results.

I think there are two explanations for why I can’t find the answer to this question online: 1) I’m not very good at googling or 2) the question isn’t asked enough. I think both are possible and both are indictments. 1 is an indictment on me, but 2 in an indictment on the Christian. Are we sharing our faith with people? Friends or Strangers? Are you?

Back To The Question

Just because we can’t find any articles on the interwebs to satisfy our query doesn’t mean we can’t find answers. We have been given the Word of God, reason, & prayer. Through these tools I have come up with 5 steps to direct a stranger whom has accepted Jesus and wants to take the next step.

The Next 5 Steps

1 – Get Baptized
No, you do not need to be baptized in order to be saved. However, it is very clear in the New Testament that it is an important first step for new believers. We especially see this in Acts where time after time individuals accept Jesus as LORD and then are Baptized (Acts 8:13, 16, 36-40; 9:18; 10:41-48; 16:14-15, 31-34; 18:8). Does this mean you need to dump your new friend in water? Maybe… You should at least be discussing the importance of Baptism with them. In fact, it may be a good topic for step 3.

2 – Equip Your New Convert With A Bible
If you are sharing the Gospel and live in America you likely have Bibles at home just sitting there collecting dust. Just grab one of those and give it to your new friend. Remember, the best bible is one that they will read, so try to set them up for success; please don’t give any new believer your ancient Old King James Version Bible. It might discourage them with it’s archaic language. God is a personal God and he wants communicate clearly with His children. If you don’t have a free Bible your local church might have one or you can get one shipped to your house from Bibles For America. You can also get a free digital copy almost instantly on your phone from YouVersion with Apple or Droid devices.

3 – Disciple By Meeting Together Regularly
Congratulations, although you may have been strangers before you are now, at least briefly, close friends. I believe you have been put in this person’s life at this exact moment for a reason. Maybe you have an ability to speak to this person’s heart. Maybe there is a natural kinship. I don’t know, but please don’t leave your new convert all alone because you might be the only Christian he/she knows. Instead, offer to disciple (teach/instruct) your new friend on the Bible. Each situation is very different so I will not to give you detailed instructions, but I encourage you to have clear parameters. Try filling in the blanks of this statement: We are going to meet every for _____ weeks/months/years to discuss or any other pertinent topics.

4 – Find A Church
This one is easy. Invite them to your church or help them find a church close to where they live. They may even have a church in mind already or have a friend who is already part of a biblical church. Part of being an obedient Christian is belonging to a fellowship of believers (Hebrews 10:25), so help your new friend find a bible teaching church.

5 – Follow Up
I don’t just mean after the original conversation, but continually throughout the discipleship process. Send texts or emails between visits. Don’t hound them to death, but also don’t forsake them when they are not in your sight. Christianity promises tough times and they will really appreciate the love you show them by pursuing them even when life gets messy.

I hope you found this answer helpful. Below you can find my list of sources, answers to more tough questions, and my outline for this post.

~ Daniel F. Grey


The Bible (NIV)

Answering The Tough Ones

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  1. Get baptized – this is really consistent in acts. People get saved then they get baptized. Acts 8:13, 16, 36-40; 9:18; 10:41-48; 16:14,15, 31-34; 18:8
  2. Make sure they have access to God’s word. Through app or physical bible
  3. Set up regular meeting time. (This could be weekly to monthly, but something consistent and with clear parameters. For example: we are going to meet every Tuesday morning for a year to go over _____ and any questions you might have)
  4. Find a church (your church, maybe one of theirs friends is a Christian already and they have a church they could go to, or they could find a church close to home.)
  5. Check in (reaching out more than just your meeting time shows you care)

The Mother Of All Living

Featured photo: Ben Jacobi www.bdjphoto.com 


“…because she was the mother of all the living.” (Genesis 3:20)

I’ve experienced the pain of passing a kidney stone… It was excruciating! And, I’ve been told that, that it is the closest resemblance of pain a man can experience to a woman giving birth. Personally, I don’t think it compares—even though there is a sense of pride by having that relation.

After reviewing the previous segment, hope to have appropriately used the marital love scenery between man and woman (male and female) to describe the level of intimacy God has for His Wife (creation). That intimacy exemplifies to educate the soul about love and how that Spirit of Love is producing life to our vessels of flesh. You should be able to see how a Father and Mother (God) breathed genesis into the first human being. We are all made in the image and likeness of God (man and woman, male and female). The art of a man and woman features the mind, heart, and nature (Personality) of God as Love living in everything to apply reason, purpose, and practicality. I believe this to be so important to understand as this world has been twisted into a falsity. There is a purely innocent act of pleasure to procreate, but has, and is…become more and more perverted with unnatural desires for release to an addiction. Our tool of technology is dangerous, but useful with the right skill. An ability to provide a plethora of information that connects each of us to one simple understanding… We’re addicted. Addicted to sin. But the skill manipulating the tool of technology is more importantly resolved by rejoicing—in the providence of God. Take biology as an example (use google to research biology).  There are several branches to the tree of biology, but I’ve become fixated on the cell. Research, ‘What is a cell‘ and find out how cells “…are the building blocks for all living things”. In the process of my learning more about the cell find a peculiar theme that dominates the study: conversion. What happens to a person who smokes? Their lungs convert to tar. Those cells are revealing information that relay a message, “This is not natural. You! Are! Going! Tooo! DIE…”. Cells seem to be the “tattletales” of your body’s condition, reporting the news whether heathy or unhealthy of and for your survival. Cells also describe your personality. By this, I see, the providence of God. Can you see the reason why life is conscious? How not only that we’re aware of being alive, but how we can relate to God and God relate to us? Can you see the reason we can understand right from wrong? We’re not limited by the ground of which we were made, but limited by the grace through faith in Whom we believe converts us—conversion. The power of God.

Is it difficult, or possibly scary, for you to be…subjectively objective…of an eternity not your own—living in the mind of God for the purpose of God as a child of God? And is it scary because your not in control of God, or…is it that, you are not the judge of your own reality? Time in the Word of God, is time with Jesus in the Kingdom of God… You begin to learn the environment of eternality! An evil nature is lived as rejecting the truth of our purpose; which is described as denying a relationship with God by choosing our own (sin) nature verses subjecting ourselves to our original nature (before sin); meaning that we are a conflicted nature in need of restoration due to inheriting condemnation at the beginning. That condemnation is by deception, but reconciliation is by revelation of conception (conceiving the Word of God)—the Spirit of the living God is then being produced in the believing soul as a baby waiting to be born. (Just as the Spirit of God hovered over His creation {the virgin Mary} to conceive Jesus, the Child of God—so too, do we Christians, conceive the Word of God {Jesus} to live reflecting the testimony of Truth and Love so that you might believe and have everlasting life)

20 Now the man called his wife’s name [h]Eve, because she was the mother of all the living. (Genesis 3)

Why did the man name his wife, Eve, and why “was” she the mother of all the living. Can you see the truth within our nature and reason to believe? (God is revealing the Character of Himself, *Himself*, meaning a perfect relationship between a male and female God, no different that a woman taking on the last name of her husband). So a Holy Invisible God is nurturing us into a life of understanding. Understanding the eternal nature of God by enlightenment of revelation through inspiration of the Holy Spirit of God. If you are choosing to deny that understanding… Why?