It’s funny, the featured photo represents the theme well. If you look closely you’ll see little unintended “dots” where I was trying to edit the photo using the “Markup” tool on my iPhone proving that I was “missing the mark” in finalizing the photo. According to the Greek, I “sinned“. Okay, not technically because we’reContinue reading “SIN”

Knowledge of Good and Evil

Knowledge of Good and Evil I pray this article will find you well and bless you with truth and spiritual development. I believe it is crucial for me to understand the knowledge of good and evil. I hope you will find value from sharing the experience of my inquiry. What is knowledge? Knowledge is information.Continue reading “Knowledge of Good and Evil”

Broken | Coffee Cup

Broken | Coffee Cup Went to wash my coffee cup and it slipped right out of my hand with a failed attempt to hackysack that sucker. Boom! Broken. It’s interesting though, how that reflects me. I’m broken. Are you broken? I need some coffee…oh wait. That’s alright, I have the coffee cup my grandma gaveContinue reading “Broken | Coffee Cup”


The Difference Between A Relationship And Religion I was talking with a guy here recently about life. A military man. This guy has quite the story, a lot I can relate and not relate to, been through more than most in a short period of time being in his early thirties. It’s no wonder theContinue reading “Grandma”

The “Bridge” Illustration (Part 1)|The Heart Of Lucifer|Self-Sustainability Self-Sufficiency

Featured photo: Ben Jacobi (Natural Bridge) The “Bridge” Illustration (Part 1) The Heart Of Lucifer I’m speaking to those of you who have heard and are still hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ, yet not believing. I’m not speaking to those who claim they’ve not heard the gospel of Jesus Christ. I think the lot ofContinue reading “The “Bridge” Illustration (Part 1)|The Heart Of Lucifer|Self-Sustainability Self-Sufficiency”

I see you, you see Me

Chemistry “Whoa!”.  “What is this, I feel!?”.  “I didn’t like you, but now… It’s real!”.  “What is this… Chemistry?  ‘It’s foreign.’”.  “Where did it come from?”.  “I see you, you see me.”.  “Our mouths are not moving, but the truth ‘speaks’.”.  “I’m convicted, ‘flee!’.”.  “But the passion of my heart burns to see!”. “Who saysContinue reading “I see you, you see Me”

Nathan’s Change of Course

Featured photo: Ben Jacobi    Hi, my name is Nathan. … “Since birth my life has been a winding river changing direction with no end in sight or ‘right’ turn to make.  That-about-sums-it-up.  Until next time.  Peace be with you.”—       It’s funny, I’ve felt that as being heavily the case for thisContinue reading “Nathan’s Change of Course”