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11/21/2022: The Status Of Sin’s Cycle

While I’m in this contraption that describes “experience” (albeit vanity) , you might be someone in the contraption that describes “status”. That might look like moving toward self-sustainability to offer all the same at your discretion, having the power to be god—

Pause: I’m struggling here because I want to use an upper case “G” for god but don’t want to associate the idea with the actual name, God, and confuse the word-play as I allude to us as “God” (by this cycle) when we’re not God.

You and I as “Experience” and “Status” have established the potential for an eternal agenda by this relationship, we are… god.

Diagram – 3


Oh the perfection of my logic and quality of this feeling upon my mountain, and who can walk these steps to sit on the throne above, steps I’ve levitated to it’s elevation by the power of my status, who can compare to me? Not one has my knowledge nor power to create. I will breathe energy for intellectual genius and establish—pride of life—that you can rule for the purpose of my work, and glory it’s of. I give time it’s meaning, and cause good and evil to become a fruit desired. Be like me! What do you desire? I have your potential, worship yourself!

Reader, what does “status” mean for you? How does that status effect your belief structure? What are your steps to achievement and authority it’s of?