Have A Seat & Take A Load Off

Around the block from our studio room is a Place Unexpected, like out of “The Chronicles of Narnia” or something, but this place is real. It’s a place where you can escape from the reality of your “wardrobe”; in this place there’s a black (alloy steel)—comfortable enough—bench where me and my wife escape to have a seat & take a load off.

The lamp post in this clip resembles the one outside our room

Allow yourself (spirit and soul) to escape the present reality and take these metaphorical steps as though each written word becomes pavement beneath your feet.

You and I are walking on sidewalk, one foot after the other alongside driveways of houses, in the distance we see three options for a direction:

1) Stay straight.
2) Go right.
3) Cross left.

Each option will have its own unique mood for your experience, meaning I’ve walked them all and only one will give you the framework you need to bless your soul (because we’re not going backwards, devoid of will, or in a loop). Go right. The path going right veers off from the familiar sight ahead into the mysterious Place Unexpected; the path leads in between houses and curves off behind them out of sight into shadow.

Storyblocks: night and day landscape with a single tree

“Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

—Dylan Thomas

For some reason that quote above—also used in the movie “Interstellar”—came to mind after writing, out of sight into shadow. It feels relevant—even if only to complement the idea. Anyway.

However, as we proceed between the houses into the Place Unexpected imagine being embraced by nature, scanning from dirt and acorns, dead leaves and twigs on and off the beaten path to trees all around us; you can hear the leaves clashing against the wind. There’s a creek off to the right unnoticed until the pavement beneath our feet crosses over, a very gentle stream continues into the brush of nature to a distance beyond travel. There are 3 black steel benches along the path and if you stayed from morning to evening you’d hear the birds singing and see the lightening bugs flashing in the midst of nature’s shadow.

It’s here where a framework of mood is experienced for whatever necessary: perhaps in my case it’s me and my wife simply enjoying each other without a studio of ideas to distract us, but in your particular case the framework is open to the mood you bring or need to deal with.

This is where I leave you with a nod and smiles as I sit next to my wife, coffee in hand. The written words are yours to continue for pavement beneath your feet.

Laura and Nathan having coffee in tea cups

Don’t forget, there are two other benches not far from us, but far enough to explore your frame of mind in peace, with only God as your company. Don’t get ahead of yourself; it’s in this place where time is still and your senses breathe.

What mood are you in?

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