The Weight And Measure Of Value In The Soul

When holding in your hand one one-hundredth of the United States dollar (a penny), you might see the value as copper plated zinc whereas someone else might see the emancipation proclamation. If we can judge the face on the one-cent coin representing the person of freedom measured invaluable as equal to the value of one one-hundredth unit of currency in the U.S. dollar… then why not judge the face on the human race representing the image and likeness of God as equal to the value of faith in eternal life?

To answer the question, “Why?”—from my previous post—is…


I recognize my capacity to save life or take life, and upon learning more and more about what those capacities mean and their nature, am convinced that my living soul is a consequence to innocence. I find at the beginning of Genesis (ch.2) in the Bible—where God breathed into the nostrils of Man and Man became a living soul—that my soul borne since that beginning, is innocent.

However, I have the problem of sin.

Before contending with sin, let me present a framework to the soul as innocent. I think the framework will also reveal the framework of sin.

I’m obviously still working out how to conceptualize this… but somehow the following—at least—makes sense to me as a starting place.

If you’re not familiar with Dr. Jordan B Peterson yet, I’m sure it won’t be long before you are, hence—Essay_Writing_Guide

Essay Writing Guide

You can use this word document to write an excellent essay from beginning to end, using a ten-step process. Most of the time, students or would-be essay writers are provided only with basic information about how to write, and most of that information concentrates on the details of formatting. These are necessary details, but writing is obviously far more than mere formatting. If you write your essay according to this plan, and you complete every step, you will produce an essay that is at least very good. You will also learn exactly how to write an essay, which is something very valuable to learn.
To start writing your essay, go to the next page, for Part One: Introduction.

Jordan B Peterson

That is an excerpt from the document that anyone (with technology) can download. As soon as you open that document you will read what is quoted, but the point is that it’s a sharable document where anyone can edit within it to build their own essay or rewrite whatever they want. So whenever the document is downloaded, it’s innocent by the fact that it hasn’t been tampered with by something sinister, malevolent, evil. When it’s downloaded, the purpose of the “document” (soul) is to guide the person on how to write an essay, or… make them aware of the essay they are, and that is perpetually writing.

When God breathed in us a living soul, He breathed the innocence of life we are aware of right now. And the weight and measure of such value can only be governed calculable by the source of Who breathed.

Nathan Psychology: The study of oneself for righteous behavior, and my written perspective on the experiential process of edification to sanctification; what does it mean to be made new through faith by believing that Jesus Christ is the way to my salvation? I’m discovering answers through spiritual discipline—

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