Exploring My Christian Faith With An Open Mind

There are many professing Christians, but what does it mean to be Christian?


What first comes to mind is the concept of morality. And so for anyone who might not be familiar with the Christian faith; the short description from my perspective is—people who experience morality governed by God through the Son of God by the power of the Holy Spirit of God.

See… now… this is where you being the reader really helps me out. Because I’m trying to think about every possible thing or idea; every obstacle, person, and place around the world; the history… the culture… you name it; I’m trying to consider it.

At this point, I imagine if I were the reader I’d be wondering,


Nathan Psychology: The study of oneself for righteous behavior, and my written perspective on the experiential process of edification to sanctification; what does it mean to be made new through faith by believing that Jesus Christ is the way to my salvation? I’m discovering answers through spiritual discipline—

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